What We Have Access To

in Canada & The United States

This is a small list of some of the information we have access to both Canada and the United States. We wish to make it very clear that we are an investigation company and not an information brokerage company. This is the type of information that you may expect from us during the normal course of an investigation.

This list is still under major construction, we have put it up early, so please disregard the "typos" for the next couple of days until were finished. Right now we just want to get the content in. Please feel free to email us with any comments or suggestions. If there is anything particular in Canada you would like to know about let us know. If we can't get what your looking for, we very likely know someone who can help you.

Aircraft Search/National Pilot Registration (USA)

  • name and address and the aircraft of the owner, (nationwide search)
  • pilot registration is searchable on a statewide basis in all states.
  • make and year of aircraft.

Bank Affiliations (USA) (CANADA)

  • location of bank account on an individual or company. We can not get you balances (so please don't ask).

Bankruptcy (USA) (CANADA)

  • if an individual or company has ever been bankrupt
  • photocopies of any part of the public bankruptcy file
  • list of Creditors
  • name of Trustee
  • statement of affairs

Boat & Vessel Registration (Canada)

This is a big problem for us here in Ontario and in Canada in general. At this particular time, we can only report on what city the boat is licensed out of, and the local Canada Customs office responsible for registration of the boat. This information is not open to the public. With some of the seizure of boats we have been involved in, we have discovered that many boat owners don't even bother to license their boats. If the boat is financed by a registered bank or leasing company we should be able to get most of the particulars for you. Failing of which you may wish to try your luck with Canada Customs, depending on the nature of your request they might help you. Good luck, let us know how you make out !!

Boat & Vessel Registration (USA)

  • name and address of who the boat is licensed to

Business Searches/Corporate Searches (USA) (CANADA)

  • photocopies of articles of incorporation
  • list of directors from beginning to end

Civil Court Searches (USA) (CANADA)

  • civil claims registered against an individual or company as a Defendant
  • civil matters of where the individual or company is a Plaintiff, Applicant or Landlord
  • photocopies of any pleadings or other documentation

Criminal Record (USA Only)

The legalities of obtaining criminal information differ from State to State. You are going to have to check with us and let us know in which State the subject resides. Information pertaining to Wants and Warrants in the United States is legal nationwide. We must have a date of birth and/or a Social Security Number, if available.

Criminal Record (CANADA) (What you should know!)

In Canada the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) is not for public use. Unfortunately to obtain this information and/or to sell it, is a criminal offence.

If you are in the middle of some civil litigation matter and are hoping to obtain this information to help your case, you may wish keep in mind that like most rules of evidence throughout the world, the information (as evidence) has to be obtained lawfully in order that it can be admitted. Although you may very well find an investigator in Canada willing to take the risk, you may have great difficulty entering an individuals criminal record into evidence.

If you are in the middle of a criminal matter and wish to know if a crown witness has a criminal record, the counsel for the defence can request this information without having to bring a motion to obtain an order to get. The defence counsel need only ask the Crown or the Police Officer in charge of the case, for the criminal record of all Crown witnesses. We have photocopies of the case law, call us, will fax it over to you. You would be surprised how many defence lawyers don't know this.

College Degree/Attendance

  • confirm or deny if the subject has attended or is attending
  • confirm or deny if the subject has graduated

Drivers License History (USA) (CANADA)

  • tickets & convictions

Divorce Records (USA) (CANADA)

  • photocopies of any part divorce file
  • petition for divorce, statement of affairs
  • divorce judgment, certificate of divorce

Employment (USA) (CANADA)

  • where the individual works
  • position, pay, benifits
  • dates of employment

Judgments (USA) (CANADA)

  • all Judgments registered against an individual
  • pall Judgments registered against a company
  • photocopies of any part of the court file

Licensed Profession Verification (USA) (CANADA)

  • confirmation of licensing
  • dates of licensing

Liens (Registered Loans)

  • identification of all registered liens/loans against a company or individual

Military Personnel (USA) (CANADA)

  • where the individual is posted now
  • address and telephone number
  • present rank

Motor Vehicle Searches (CANADA)

The rules and laws may differ from Province to Province. In some Provinces the information is not open to the public. In Ontario the Ministry of Transport has set up some very specific criteria that the seach must meet in order that in can be conducted lawfully or within their guidelines. If during an Ontario investigation the search meets that criteria then we will report on this information.

Motor Vehicle Searches (USA)

  • license plate number
  • vehicle identification number
  • make of vehicle
  • owner of vehicle
  • anything what-so-ever to do with the vehicle

Neighbors (USA) (CANADA)

  • names and telephone numbers of everyone on a single street or building

Properties (CANADA)

  • all properties registered to an individual
  • all properties registered to a company
  • all properties registered to any entity
  • all mortgage information
  • photocopies of deeds and schedules

It is only possible to conduct a search for properties registered to an entity by city. It is not possible to conduct a search for properties Province wide or throughout all of Canada.

Properties (USA)

  • all properties registered to an individual
  • all properties registered to a company
  • all properties registered to any entity
  • photocopies of deeds and schedules

This is a State wide search. (We would love to see the day this happens in Canada).

Social Insurance Number (CANADA)

  • confirm or deny the number is valid in Canada
  • in what Province was the number first issued

Social Security Number (USA)

  • all names associated with social security number


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