Skip Trace Form

General Skip Trace (10 Days or Less) - $375.00 Turnaround times can vary based on difficulty. On average we are 10 days or less.

Rush Skip Trace (3 Days or Less) - $400.00

No Find / No Hit - $75.00 Full Report of our Efforts

If we don't find the individual you seek you are charged only $75.00 for a full report of our efforts.

Corpa does not conduct skip traces on credit card debt, automotive/vehicle locates, or for payday cash loan centers.

Please give the individual you are trying to locate at least two months to re-register their affairs from their last known address. If you assign the trace too early from the last known address we will send the trace back to you and instruct you to wait.

This questionnaire is a guide to assist you with some of the information we will require. You have the option of using this form and faxing it back to us, or you may use this as a guide to assist you when you send your letter of instructions to us.

Please feel free to contact us by telephone (877) 331-1333 should you wish to speak to an investigator directly. Complete this form based on the information you have available. We don't expect this form to be completed in full. Just do your best.

To Qualify for this Skip Trace Budget.

In order to qualify for this Skip Trace service you must have the following last known information:

  • Correct spelling first and last name.
  • A last known residential address within five years.
  • The first and last name with a date or birth and/or a Social Insurance Number.

If you don't have the above requirements please email us for a quote with the information you have.

Correct spelling of the subject's FIRST and LAST NAME is of the utmost importance if you are unsure of the spelling don't assign the trace as it will most certainly fail.

If we don't find the subject you are charged $75.00 for a report or affidavit

Print Your Form

Online Form

Client Information

Retainer Agreement

General Skip Trace $375.00

Rush Skip Trace (3 Days or Less) $400.00

I hereby authorize the Corpa Group Inc., to conduct the enclosed investigation on our behalf. I confirm I will be charged $75.00 for a full report if they are unsuccessful. If they are successful in locating the subject I understand their fees to be $375.00 for a General Skip Trace and $400.00 for a Rush Trace.

Click Here if this is a Rush Skip Trace $400.00. If left blank we will assume this is a General Skip Trace ($375.00).

Law firms and Insurance Companies are not required to provide credit cards numbers or retainers. Just complete this form, and we will report and invoice your firm upon completion.

Payment Details via Credit Card (for General Public)

I am paying by Visa American Express MasterCard

Subject Information

Subject's Spouse

Same as spouse Different than above

General Information

Names and addresses of friends or relatives who might be able to provide information: (please provide telephone numbers)

Business or Credit References

If you have any of the following documentations, please check below, and then mail/fax/scan a copy to our office. (please do not mail any original documentations as we will not be returning them to you).

Application (credit, employment, lease, loan, rental, stock, tenancy, etc.)
Articles of Incorporation (Last page showing the subject as a director)
Motor Vehicle Accident Report
Bill or Invoice Outstanding
Police Report or Offence Notices
Credit or Financial Info
P.P.S.A. or U.C.C.
N.S.F. Cheque
Vehicle Registration Info

Do you have judgement against the subject? Yes No

If yes, please state amount and when was judgement obtained:

Has the subject ever signed a consent giving authorization for you or your client to conduct a financial investigation? (ie. as is usually found in loan, lease or credit applications):
Yes No

Please explain:

We are a licensed agency, and by law we must be convinced that this trace is being conducted for a lawful purpose. Are there any court orders prohibiting you (or anyone associated with you) from contacting this person or being near this person? Yes No

You must give a full explanation as to why this trace is required. We will not be able to conduct this trace unless we are completely convinced that you will not violate any law once we find the person for you.

General Skip Trace (10 days or less) $375.00

Rush Skip Trace (3 Days or Less) $400.00


If you are a law firm or an insurance company we do not require a credit card number on file. If successfull we will provide you with our report and invoice if we locate the subject.

For private individuals and/or companies we will require a credit card number on file. Your credit card is only debited if we locate the subject. We do not debit the card as a depost ever. It is merely on file with us as payment protection if and only if the subject is located.


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