Skip Tracing Services !

Order a Skip Trace Now !

General Skip Trace: $375.00

Rush Skip Trace: $400.00

No Find - No Hit $ 75.00 (full report provided)

If your trace fails you are charged only $75.00 for a full report !

Skip Tracing Services! --- 10 Day Turnaround Time on Average !

We are a licensed Private Investigation agency serving law firms, businesses and individuals on a global scale.We maintain a 90% success rate on all traces.
If we don't find the individual you seek you are charged only $75.00 for a complete report of our efforts.

I Hardly Have Any Information What Can I Do?

If you don't have a security number or a social insurance number, then fax or email us with the information you do have. At the very least we require the correct spelling of the first and last name and some form of a last known residential address.
We have associates world wide, this year alone we have successfully located and even arranged the service of legal documents on missing individuals in as far away as Africa, India, and Hong Kong.

Locally in Ontario, continue to maintain a 90% success rate.We build a relationship with our clientele by results and we have the references to prove it.

Just complete our Skip Trace Questionnaire.

We will contact you with any questions we may have.

Domestic Locates

Adoption Matters
Family Members
High School
Sweet Hearts
Lost Lovers

Legal Locates


Collection Locates

Bill Skips
Policy Holders

In most cases we can work with just the full name and some sort of last known address.

General Skip Trace: $375.00

Rush Skip Trace: $400.00

No Find - No Hit $ 75.00 (full report provided)

Law firms and insurance companies need only complete our skip trace form or send written instructions. We will invoice you upon completion of the matter with our report. Do not send retainers or leave credit card numbers.General public must leave a credit card number on file with us. Your card is only debited upon completion of the matter..

If you do not wish to leave a credit card number you have two options:

Have your lawyer write us a letter with your skip trace request. We will submit our account to your lawyer once the matter is complete. We prefer this method as it is safer for you and for us!

Complete our skip trace form and send a retainer of $375.00. The difference will be refunded to you if the trace fails.Again you are charged only $75.00 if we do not locate the subject.


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