International Investigation Specialists

The Corpa Group Inc. is a licensed & bonded Private Investigation Firm

High Quality Discreet Surveillance

Surveillance is conducted to discover the activities of a company or an individual through the use of video and other digital equipment.
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Investigate Before you Invest

Buying a Business? Hiring a New Partner? Starting a New Venture? Mergers, Acquisitions etc.. Canada's number one choice by the legal and venture capital community.

Your Homework Is Our Business!
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Asset Investigation/Skip Tracing

Location of missing debtors, Enforcement of Judgment, Asset Investigation on Individuals and Companies, Recovery of property, Collection Related Issues...
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Office, Home, or Vehicle

We find and disable ALL illegal eavesdropping, wiretapping, vehicle tracking and video devices..
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Litigation Support Services

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International Investigation Specialists

The Corpa Group Inc. is a licensed & bonded Private Investigation Firm. We are located 30 minutes west of downtown Toronto. We are professionals in the industry and maintain a staff of fully qualified investigators in practical experience and academic qualifications. Our backgrounds are in such diverse disciplines as law, accounting, financial analysis, business planning, management, credit, finance, corporate intelligence, litigation support, government, security & public policing.


We are recognized by some of the most distinguished law firms and corporations in Canada, the United States and abroad. We have been in business since 1991.

We provide comprehensive, confidential and discreet private investigation services to clients all over the globe 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

We are a general practice agency involved in all areas of investigation. Some of our basic services include: Missing Persons, Debt Collection Matters, Asset Investigation, Fraud Investigation, Company / Corporate Investigation, Background Reports, Litigation Support, Copyright Infringement, Product Diversion, Statements / Interviews, Home & Business Telephone and Vehicle Debugging (TSCM), Surveillance, Criminal, Civil and Domestic matters.

You can hire us hourly or we can quote you a flat rate within your budget.

We will not take on your investigation unless there is a likelihood of getting you results.


Skip Tracing Services!

We are a licensed Private Investigation agency serving law firms, businesses and individuals on a global scale.We maintain a 90% success rate on all traces.
If we don't find the individual you seek you are charged only $75.00 for a complete report of our efforts.

I Hardly Have Any Information What Can I Do?

If you don't have a security number or a social insurance number, then fax or email us with the information you do have. At the very least we require the correct spelling of the first and last name and some form of a last known residential address.
We have associates world wide, this year alone we have successfully located and even arranged the service of legal documents on missing individuals in as far away as Africa, India, and Hong Kong.

Locally in Ontario, continue to maintain a 90% success rate.We build a relationship with our clientele by results and we have the references to prove it.

Just complete our Skip Trace Questionnaire.

We will contact you with any questions we may have.

Domestic Locates

Adoption Matters
Family Members
High School
Sweet Hearts
Lost Lovers

Legal Locates


Collection Locates

Bill Skips
Policy Holders

In most cases we can work with just the full name and some sort of last known address.

General Skip Trace: $220.00

Rush Skip Trace: $275.00

Law firms and insurance companies need only complete our skip trace form or send written instructions. We will invoice you upon completion of the matter with our report. Do not send retainers or leave credit card numbers.General public must leave a credit card number on file with us. Your card is only debited upon completion of the matter..

If you do not wish to leave a credit card number you have two options:

Have your lawyer write us a letter with your skip trace request. We will submit our account to your lawyer once the matter is complete. We prefer this method as it is safer for you and for us!

Complete our skip trace form and send a retainer of $220.00. The difference will be refunded to you if the trace fails.Again you are charged only $75.00 if we do not locate the subject.

Skip Trace Forms

Law Firms and insurance companies are not required to leave credit card numbers or provide deposits. We will invoice you if the trace is successful.
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Asset Investigation

Consider The Following Facts:

Enforcement of Judgements

No we don't really use a baseball bat, but we do feel your pain and frustration. Because of the worsening economy, solicitors more and more are reporting having file cabinets full of uncollectable Judgments.

The result is usually an unhappy client who blames the Solicitor for an expensive legal bill and a worthless uncollectable Judgment.

The cause is usually a failure to properly identify assets in advance, and to determine the likelihood of collecting on those assets before starting the action.

An area where we have made a name for ourselves, is in our ability to trace and locate assets.

We will become involved either before an action or after an action, either to assist in the collection of a Judgment, or to determine the likelihood of recovering a Judgment.

Don't Be Mislead!

Don't be misled by the endless information brokers waiting to sell you searches.

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High Quality Discreet Surveillance

Surveillance is conducted to discover the activities of a company or an individual through the use of video or 35 mm equipment.
Surveillance is a very difficult and time consuming process. It is the most costly service that investigators provide.
Surveillance is charged on an hourly rate per investigator. The going rate for surveillance is $50.00 to $60.00 per hour plus $0.45 to $0.60 per kilometer. Expenses (parking, tolls, car phone etc..) are charged back to the client at the exact cost our company pays with no additional charges.
All of the home work must be complete before the surveillance is commenced.
When you retain an investigator to conduct surveillance, you should have as much information on the subject as as possible (photographs, dates etc..). This information will save you a considerable amount of time and money.
Our investigators will contact you periodically to keep you up to date on the status and cost of the investigation.

Modern Equipment & Techniques

Along with photographic confirmation of an individuals activities, we will also supply you with a detailed report outlining the entire surveillance, from beginning to end.

Some uses for surveillance are as follows:

  • Activities of a business
  • Activities of a person
  • Asset Investigation
  • Child custody
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Corporate Financial Collection

Asset Investigation Bank Accounts Located
Bank Assets Bankruptcy Matters
Bill Skips (no find no fee) Collection Matters
Employment Income Enforcement of Judgments
Landlord/Tenants/Disputes/Evictions Location of Hidden Assets
Missing Debtors Skip Tracing (no find no fee)
Pre-Judgment Reports Property Disputes
Recovery of Property Seizure of Property
Small Claims Solvency Reports
Tenant Screening Theft & Loss

Corporate Intelligence

  • Executive Background Reports
  • Financial Profile Reports
  • Investor Background Reports
  • Partner Background Reports
  • Potential Partner Reports
  • Corporate Research
  • Slander & Character Defamation

Due Diligence / Risk Analysis

Your Homework Is Our Business!
How many times have you heard about acquisitions that went bad shortly after the deal was signed? If you are thinking about buying or selling a business or investing in one, you want to make sure it doesn't happen to you. This is why we always discuss Investigating before Investing. Either you Investigate now or you litigate later. The best way to protect yourself is to do enough "due diligence" to ensure that you know what you are buying or investing in.
What is due diligence?
Due Diligence is really a form of risk management most commonly known as doing your homework before you invest. "We want to make sure we believe the story before we invest."
The Due Diligence Check List and Investigative Due Diligence
There are a number of forms of Due Diligence. The most common form of Due Diligence is that of the "Due Diligence Check List." This is a checklist which a corporate lawyer will request that the seller complete prior to closing or making the investment on behalf of the client. This can be a very small list, or in some situations the check list can be very lengthy and exhaustive. In some cases the list can be up to 100 pages of items to be provided before closing. Here are just a few examples that might be found on a standard due diligence check list:
Standard Due Diligence Check List
What You Should Be Asking For?
  • Letters from Provincial/Federal/State/County government confirming that all tax returns are filed to date with no arrears owing (i.e. payroll, sales tax, health tax and taxes from year-ends).
  • Articles of Incorporation.
  • Minute Books.
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Fraud Watch - Avoid Being Scammed

Investigate, Investigate, Investigate

After twelve years of working in the investigative industry, I am still amazed at the number of clients who have come to us for help after being victimized financially. In most cases the matter results from a failure to do their homework or make some basic inquiries before transacting a deal.

I am going to discuss with you some of the basic situations we run into on a regular basis and offer some basic advice. This is not to put the scare in you in order to generate business for our agency. It's just to let you know why we suggest that you allow us to look at things for you from the beginning instead of at the end, when it may be too late to recover your investment.

As far as fraud, white collar crime, and general commercial crime are concerned, you should be aware that most police departments that have specialized units in this area are highly backlogged. With robbery, drugs, and assault offences on the increase, your investigation is not going to be on the top of the list with any law enforcement agency.

In Canada it has become so bad that in most cases, we will simply bypass laying a complaint (or an occurrence) with the police. Instead we bind and tab up the investigation and lay the charges ourselves, privately through a Justice of the Peace.

The other aspect that most business professionals don't realize is that you can't use a criminal process to resolve a civil process. This means that you can't threaten to criminally charge someone for not returning your money. To do so is called extortion. It's a criminal offence right across North America and Europe--the law is virtually the same when it comes to extortion.

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Industrial/Internal Surveys

Undercover Investigations Just How Bad Is The Internal Theft Problem At Your Company?

Unexplained product shortages and inventory irregularities are usually due to an internal or external theft problem that may be more serious than you believe. Theft of a company’s assets can affect everyone, when unexplained losses start to affect a company's financial health.

Undercover Investigators in Your Company !

Internal Surveys, better known as "Industrial Undercovers" can be a valuable solution to the problem. A professionally trained and licensed investigator comes under the employ of your company and poses as one of the regular employees in order to infiltrate and gain confidence of other personnel.

Weekly confidential reports are provided on:
Distribution Theft Drugs and Alcohol
Employee Attitude Fire & Safety
Security Employee Integrity
Employee Morale Inventory Irregularities
Shipping Irregularities Damage to Property
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Is Your Office or Phone Line Bugged ?

The Problem

More and more each day competitors, ex-associates, new start-up ventures, and unscrupulous individuals are using electronic eavesdropping as a way to gather information that could seriously damage your business.

"Bugs" telephone taps and video transmitters (above) are readily available that can compromise your business secrets for as little as $30.00. The manufacture, sale, installation, and monitoring of these devices is a multi-billion dollar industry in North America. Unless you are a law enforcement agency with an Order or Warrant for a wire tap, it is a criminal offence to record the conversations of two or more persons without their consent

How Do You Know If You're Bugged ?

  • Confidential information seems to be getting out to competitors.
  • Competitors seem to be just one step ahead all of the time.
  • Your office was broken into yet very little or nothing was taken.
  • Sockets or switches show signs of being moved slightly, ie: the wallpaper may be disturbed.
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Litigation Support

  • Assistance At Trial
  • Beneficiary Searches
  • Child Custody
  • Civil Pre-Trial
  • Criminal Pre-Trial
  • Damage Analysis
  • Damage Claims
  • Document Services
  • Document Verification
  • Estate Searches
  • Evasive Subjects
  • Judgment Debtor
  • Legal Aid Matters
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Missing Heirs/Debtors
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Negligence
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Investigate Before You Invest

Your Choice!Investigate Now or Litigate Later
  • Business Asset Investigation
  • Competitors Investigated
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Due Diligence/Company Research
  • Employment Investigation
  • Potential Investors Investigated
  • Potential Partners Investigated

Many companies turn to The Corpa Group Inc. to provide critical research and background information required before buying a business, taking on a new partner, or contemplating an acquisition or merger.

Companies fearing or undergoing hostile takeovers turn to The Corpa Group Inc. to obtain vital information on the background of the operatives and past tactics used by the offending company.

We are unique in our capacity to deliver concise, accurate background information on any company or individual.

Many fortune 500 companies throughout North America and abroad have concluded that The Corpa Group Inc. is a highly diversified intelligence support group.

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Patents Trademarks & Copyright

  • Counterfeit Products,"knock offs"
  • Misrepresentation of Products or Services
  • Infringement of Patents, Trademarks
  • Infringement of Copyrights
  • Infringement of Industrial Design
  • Infringement of Distribution Agreements
  • Infringement of Distribution Rights
  • Infringement of Distribution Territory
  • Product Diversion
  • Shipment Tracking

Let us find out for you who's copying your product. Don't waste time while you continue to incur losses.

It's not enough to identify who the person or company is before you run to your lawyers and start a legal action.

You can't start a legal action for losses unless you know how much damage has been done. Inquiries have to be made to determine the background or assets (if any) of the potential defendant and/or respondent.

Is the company a one-man show, or a complex manufacturing and distribution network that goes right back to manufacturing facilities in Hong Kong? We have been there, seen it, done it and can prove it.

You may be able to get an order to have the company cease and desist, but usually such an order is issued along with a claim for losses.

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Presentations & Workshops

May 23, 2003 - Toronto Hilton, Toronto, Ontario

Canadian Association of Journalists.

Kevin Bousquet - Workshop on Skip Tracing and Background Investigation.

April 19, 2000 (7:00 pm) - Richmond Hill, Ontario

Shaw Cable - News Room & Journalist Staff

Kevin Bousquet - Workshop on Skip Tracing and Background Investigation.

March 04, 2000 (9:00 am) - Osgoode Hall - York University, Toronto, Ontario

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.

Centre for Research on Work and Society.

Kevin Bousquet - Corporate Research from a Private Investigators Perspective.

November 07, 1999 (9:00 am) - CBC Building, Toronto, Ontario

Canadian Association of Journalists.

Association of Investigative Journalists.

Kevin Bousquet - Workshop on Skip Tracing and Background Investigation.

What We Have Access To

in Canada & The United States

This is a small list of some of the information we have access to both Canada and the United States. We wish to make it very clear that we are an investigation company and not an information brokerage company. This is the type of information that you may expect from us during the normal course of an investigation.

This list is still under major construction, we have put it up early, so please disregard the "typos" for the next couple of days until were finished. Right now we just want to get the content in. Please feel free to email us with any comments or suggestions. If there is anything particular in Canada you would like to know about let us know. If we can't get what your looking for, we very likely know someone who can help you.

Aircraft Search/National Pilot Registration (USA)

  • name and address and the aircraft of the owner, (nationwide search)
  • pilot registration is searchable on a statewide basis in all states.
  • make and year of aircraft.

Bank Affiliations (USA) (CANADA)

  • location of bank account on an individual or company. We can not get you balances (so please don't ask).
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